Who we are


Montse Ruiz Hidalgo Founder and Head

It was my deep interest in knowing different cultures and in photography what made me decide on a degree on Tourism. Thanks to my extensive travelling, I have seen that both personal aesthetics and home styling are influenced by our local cultural environment. In my opinion, the differences among cultures and places are the ones which create new trends in the world of fashion.

My innate capacity of observation, an ongoing academic training and an awareness of the latest trends, have allowed me to successfully accomplish different projects and positions.

I will highlight my experience in the creation and development of several successful international retail chains of accessories and home furnishings. Both my creativity and personal eye for combining textures, volumes and colors, have helped me create a visual and emotional impact in the clientele and, thus, bursting sales.

I like to surround myself of the best professionals, specially chosen for the specific needs of your project:

Technical architect, Mª Elena

Contractor, José A.

Retail Expert, Oscar

Beauty Arts specialist, Rosalía

Visual specialist, Laura

Visual specialist, Rida

Russian representative, Olena